On site data destruction in MD


On site data destruction in MD

Data Killers specializes in providing certified and compliant on site data destruction in MD and nationwide.  We provide a variety of data destruction services including hard drive shredding, hard drive degaussing, tape shredding, tape degaussing, media incineration, etc.  We can safely and quickly destroy any quantity of hard drives, back-up tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, memory devices, smart phones, etc.  Our on-site data destruction service in Maryland can be utilized for larger projects and classified or sensitive data, which must be destroyed entirely prior to our teams of data technicians leaving a cleared facility.

Data Killers’ trucks are complete with high speed shredders, which have interchangeable screen sizes to manipulate the particle output size.  We can also send mobile degaussers and disintegrators for on-site data destruction of any type of magnetic media.  Data Killers’ mobile data destruction trucks are fully equipped with the most current destruction technology and equipment.

Data Killers employs teams of highly trained data technicians who knowledgeable in the latest data destruction processes.  The staff at Data Killers will explain any data destruction process, assist in recommending the appropriate destruction alternative, and ensure that our processes meet all compliance regulations.  We go above and beyond to exceed customer’s expectations and satisfy their requirements for destruction.  Our data technicians are background screened and approved for clearance purposes.

Data Killers’ complete data destruction process in MD can be done at our customer’s offices as they watch.  We serve the entire state of MD, including but not limited to: Annapolis; Silver Spring; Gaithersburg; Beltsville; Columbia; Bethesda; Salisbury; Princess Anne; Laurel; Frostburg; Queens Anne; etc.  Our mobile data destruction trucks can quickly be sent to any location in Maryland for complete on-site data destruction.

Data Killers’ on-site data destruction is 100% compliant with all MD and federal regulations for physical data destruction.  Our reliable and trusted on site data destruction in MD is the ideal option for customers in MD and throughout the nation.