On site data destruction in Philadelphia


On site data destruction in Philadelphia

Data Killers provides certified and compliant on site data destruction in Philadelphia and throughout the nation.  Our data destruction processes include shredding, degaussing, incineration, crushing and disintegration.  Many of our Philadelphia customers choose to combine our services because this satisfies rigid compliance standards (DoD and NSA) and increases protection.  Our teams of data experts can quickly and safely destroy any quantity of hard drives, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, memory devices, microfiche, circuit boards, etc.  Our complete on-site data destruction in Philadelphia can be done at our customer’s offices as they witness, which provides increased protection and helps meet rigid compliance requirements.

Data Killers’ on-site data destruction is completed by using our proprietary technology and equipment contained on our mobile data destruction trucks.  Our fully autonomous trucks are complete with generators to power the shredders and degaussers, and can easily be dispatched to any location in Philadelphia for reliable on-site data destruction.  Many customers choose to witness the on-site data destruction at their office because it is a requirement for strict compliance standards.

With data technology at the center of Philadelphia’s economic sectors, accurate data destruction from Data Killers is essential.  We are compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for physical destruction and end-of-life electronic disposition.  We are both ISO 14001 and R2 certified, which means we are authorized to handle government end-of-life electronics.  Data Killers is the certified and trusted company for compliant data destruction in Philadelphia and throughout the United States.

Data Killers professional sales and customer service staff ensure that our customers know and understand their options for data destruction and the underlying certifications and compliance requirements.   Our data technicians are knowledgeable in the most current data destruction methodologies and will explain any process to ensure complete peace of mind.  Our management staff has years of experience in data destruction along with a life time commitment to the environment.  Data Killers is the leading provider for on site data destruction in Philadelphia and nationwide.