On-site Data Destruction in California


On-site Data Destruction in California

Data Killers offers on-site data destruction in California.  Our service quickly, securely and completely destroys any quantity of hard drives, back up-tapes, or other media. Data Killers services all of California with our fleet of mobile hard drive shredding trucks. We are frequently in San Diego, LA, San Francisco and Sacramento.   We service every type of company from high-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley to entertainment companies in LA.

We have standing service agreements in California with a number of healthcare companies and casinos where we shred everything from hard drives with HIPAA information to casino chips.   We perform destruction of classified information for several large defense contractors in California as well as servicing several military bases in California.  On-site data destruction in California is our specialty.

Our mobile shredders shred to tiny particles as we have multiple screen sizes (10 mm, 30 mm, etc.) to control the particle output size.

Our complete computer destruction process in California can be done at our customer’s offices as they watch. Our mobile data destruction vehicles with high speed shredders are located nationwide and can reach any location immediately. All residual particles are recycled in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations in accordance with our R2 certification.

We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical information. Our unique process along with our highly trained and screened personnel provides the highest level of security. On-site destruction can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data which can not leave a cleared facility or a specific business location.

Our California data destruction process is in full compliance with all physical destruction criteria as set forth by various regulations and laws.   Our services meet or exceed NIST standards and DoD regulations.

Our nationally recognized Certificate of Destruction will suffice for all compliance purposes.