Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Certificate of Environmental Achievement

Turtle Wings / Data Killers is a woman-owned business devoted to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronics and providing compliant data destruction services across the US.  We were recently awarded a Certificate of Environmental Achievement from our waste-to-energy incineration partner for generating clean energy through our incineration services.  By choosing to use the more expensive option of incinerating waste as opposed to landfills, Turtle Wings/Data Killers generated 364.8 MWh of clean energy.  That is enough energy to power 32.2 homes for a full year and save the equivalent of 663 barrels of oil.  Our nationwide incineration services are an approved and certified destruction process since the material is burned in innovative waste-to-energy facilities for complete environmental compliance.  Turtle Wings / Data Killers incineration occurs in modern waste to energy facilities that offer a safe, technologically advanced means of disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting recycling.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers utilizes incineration services for the following recycling and data destruction offerings: media and tape incineration, paper incineration and product incineration.  We have extensive experience with FDA and CPSC recalls and are fully certified to perform work.  We can fulfill any government-mandated or corporate destruction requirements.  We accept all off-spec, defective, outdated or returned products and merchandise.  We will destroy them in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. We work efficiently, seamlessly and expeditiously with retailers and manufacturers to help them provide an environmentally friendly method to destroy any type of product.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers has again been recognized for our outstanding commitment to responsible electronics recycling and data destruction services.  This Certificate of Environmental Achievement keeps with our strict environmental mission of offering globally responsible, green services.  We are committed to our environment, which is why our current incineration process is recognized as ‘greener’ than the outdated incineration facility, and is evidently greener than a landfill option.

In just ten short years of operating, Turtle Wings / Data Killers has earned a nationally renowned reputation for providing compliant electronics recycling, incineration and data destruction services.  We are proud to receive this Certificate of Environmental Achievement as it proves that our commitment to the environment, integrity, and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.