Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Certified Cell Phone Destruction

Many companies have adopted bring your own device (BYOD) policies for executives and personnel who utilize a cell phone for company business.  Although the BYOD policy may cut costs in the short run, it subjects businesses to increased security threats from improperly wiped technology that has accessed company data but is then sold by the user as new technology becomes available or the device becomes outdated.  As a result, it is imperative all firms ensure stringent data destruction policies are in place for all BYOD users.   This policy should include utilizing a certified destruction company like Data Killers as our shredding services destroy the media completely and render its data unrecoverable.   Data Killer’s certified cell phone destruction ensures the safeguarding of sensitive company and consumer information because we can shred to under 10 mm which is essential for the tiny SIM cards on cell phones.  Other hard drive shredding companies don’t offer this shred size and failure to completely destroy the SIM card leaves the company’s data still intact. 

An investigation released by Channel 4 News, reports a number of cases of second-hand phones coming onto the market while still containing sensitive business information.  According to the report, more than half (57 per cent) of businesses now operate a BYOD policy to allow their staff to access data outside of the office and on devices that are not specifically provided by the company.  However, at the same time, 63 per cent of respondents stated their firm does not have a specific data management policy in place for the handling of sensitive information on this technology, which ultimately is outside of the control of in-house IT departments.  This represents a serious risk to data security and therefore action needs to be taken to safeguard all sensitive business data, no matter how it is being accessed.

Data destruction should be a top priority for all companies in order to protect sensitive company and consumer information, as well as keep companies safe from severe data breaches.  Data Killers offers compliant data destruction and shredding of cell phones as they contain not only personal information but company information for those used in conjunction with BYOD policies.  We use proprietary four shaft shredding technology that permits us to shred any type of material or product down to the size of a dime or smaller.  Data Killers is the trusted nationwide provider for certified cell phone destruction, hard drive shredding and media shredding which helps keeps companies secure and compliant.