Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Certified incineration of all types of paper

Paper shredding is a commonly offered service but it often doesn’t cover customer’s needs.  Data Killers offers certified incineration of all types of paper.  Most paper shredders will not take the following:

  • Wet paper
  • Paper in notebooks
  • Paper in large binder clips
  • Very large quantities of paper

However, Data Killers offers the perfect solution for customers with these types of disposal requirements.    Our certified paper incineration service allows companies to securely dispose of paper immediately and in all quantities.  The NSA has approved incineration as a method for destroying classified paper and many of our affiliate facilities have also been cleared for this purpose.

We recently completed a large paper incineration project for a global disaster recovery and property restoration company.  Our customer had over 40,000 pounds of wet paper that had been drenched from a water main break caused by the recent cold temperatures.  Since the paper was soaking wet, our customer had an immediate need to destroy the paper, prior to it causing a huge mold problem in the end user customer’s facility which could have resulted in OSHA fines and could have caused danger to worker’s health.

Since time was off the essence, Data Killers scrambled to make this happen even though we were fully booked.  Data Killer’s fully trained, screened and accredited employees  made sure that the wet paper was immediately and properly incinerated to guarantee customer data protection and to alleviate any potential health issues.

In keeping with our strict environmental mission of offering globally responsible services, incineration occurs in modern waste to energy facilities that offer a safe, technologically advanced means of disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Data Killers certified incineration of all types of paper provides a quick, cost effective and secure method for getting rid of paper.  For secure destruction of wet paper, paper in notebooks or in large binder clips or just large quantities of sensitive paper documents, or classified materials,  Data Killers is the most complete and reliable provider.