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Choosing an On-site Data Destruction Service

Data Killers, a forerunner of on-site destruction for hard drives, tapes, products and equipment, offers expert consultation on destruction protocols and how to select the right data destruction service.

What should large corporations do when they have offices across the country with data destruction needs?

In the past, large corporations cobbled together a network of local contractors to provide on-site data destruction services because no single company serviced the entire U.S. Issues of reliability and efficiency made this network of small contractors more of a problem than a solution.

Many local contractors could not fulfill the project requirements of large corporations. These contractors often had inadequate equipment that was incapable of shredding materials to small sizes; inadequate resources for scanning; and meager employee training and screening.

Many smaller companies that took on data destruction projects did not offer assured compliance. Assured compliance is a company’s guarantee to uphold all of the requirements specified by a myriad of government agencies and corporate specifications. This also includes being able to verify the practices of downstream vendors through certifications such as ISO 14001 and R2.

All of these concerns can be easily eliminated by choosing a reputable company that offers nationwide on-site data destruction services. A company that has extensive experience; regular employee training; state-of-the-art mobile shredding equipment; nationally recognized Certificates of Destruction; and a variety of service offerings can handle the demands of a large corporation enterprise-wide.

So, what should a corporation look for in a nationwide on-site hard drive shredding company?

Nine factors for choosing a data destruction company:

1. Coverage – Can the company service the entire country with their own equipment and their own personnel? Do they offer any type of secure shipment option for very remote regions with tiny quantities of material?

2. Shredding equipment and shred size – Does the company offer a variety of shred sizes for different types of media (This can only be accomplished with four-shaft shredding equipment)?

3. Certifications – Does the company have certifications to store and transport confidential information?

4. References – How long has this company been in business and what references do they have?

5. Recycling – Is the company ISO or R2 certified ensuring that all residual material will be recycled properly?

6. Employee training and screening – Does the company have security training for their employees? (Ask to see it!) Does the company perform random drug testing of all employees in addition to background checks? (Again, ask to see it!)

7. Service level agreements – What is the response time to shredding request? How quickly will they get here?

8. Customer web access – Can you access your Certificates of Destruction and a destruction log on-line in a secure environment?

9. Diversity – Does this company help you meet your diversity requirements for sub-contractors?
Companies that can quickly and easily address these concerns are suitable for enterprise-wide data destruction contracts.

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Data Killers provides nationwide, on-site destruction of any type of equipment or media with assured compliance and the ability to shred material to 10mm or as small as 2mm sizes (with advanced notification). Data Killers is the data and product destruction arm of Turtle Wings, Inc., an ISO certified, woman-owned, HUBZoned company holding multiple GSA contracts.