Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Classified hard drive destruction

Data Killers has recently been busy providing plant based, classified hard drive destruction from our headquarters in Capitol Heights, MD. With such close proximity to the nation’s capital, many customers we serve are government, military or government contractors with classified hard drives that requires NSA approved destruction. Data Killers has years of experience rendering classified hard drive destruction as well as NSA approved degaussers and patent protected hard drive and tape shredders. Our two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for classified hard drive destruction, ensuring complete obliteration of all data.


We serve a variety of customers with quantities ranging from one classified hard drive to hundreds and even thousands of drives. For smaller quantities of classified hard drives, we offer plant based hard drive destruction where the customer and another cleared personnel can transport the drives to our facility and witness the destruction there. This plant based destruction helps customers comply with NSA and DoD regulations, while keeping their costs low and completing their destruction in a timely fashion. As the government’s fiscal year draws to a close, Data Killers is experiencing an influx of customer’s with small quantities who need their drives destroyed and the destruction certified. We are happy to accommodate these customers and assist them with the required compliance standards for classified hard drive destruction.


In addition to customers with small quantities of hard drives, we also offer on-site classified hard drive destruction for larger quantities. With trucks nationwide, our people and equipment can be on your site at any time. Our on-site hard drive degaussing and shredding service eliminates all chain of custody issues. We also specialize in classified media destruction and classified tape destruction. We recently completed an on-site classified hard drive destruction project for a long term customer who had over 1,500 drives. As our technicians are well-versed in the protocols for classified destruction, as well as non-classified destruction, we are capable of completing large projects like this with much ease. Data Killers is the trusted name for classified hard drive destruction service.