Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Complete Obliteration of Classified Magnetic Data

The rules for destroying classified magnetic computer media, like hard drives and tape cartridges, are often confusing. The reality isn’t all that complicated, certainly not as complicated as the intricate components of the computer equipment itself.  There are two basic types of equipment used for destroying magnetic media: degaussers and physical destroyers, like crushers or shredders. For users with government classified data, the choice is simple- the media must be wiped using an NSA listed degausser prior to shredding. The NSA does not permit physical shredding or crushing as a single process for final disposal of classified magnetic media. Data Killers two-step process of degaussing then shredding satisfies all guidelines for classified hard drive destruction, ensuring complete obliteration of classified magnetic data.

Data Killers has years of experience rendering classified hard drive destruction by using NSA approved degaussers and patent protected hard drive and tape shredders.  We are consistently cleared and chosen for classified hard drive and media destruction for a variety of organizations including military, government, government contractors and Fortune 500 companies.  We serve a variety of customers with quantities ranging from 1 classified hard drive to hundreds and even thousands of drives.  For smaller quantities of classified hard drives, we offer plant based hard drive destruction where the customer and another cleared personnel can transport the drives to our facility and witness the destruction there.  This plant based destruction helps customers comply with NSA and DoD regulations, while keeping their costs low and completing their destruction in a timely fashion.  We also offer on-site classified hard drive destruction for larger quantities.  With trucks and equipment nationwide, we can be on your site at any time.

As the government’s fiscal year draws to a close, Data Killers is experiencing an influx of customer’s with classified hard drives and media who need their classified data destroyed in full compliance with all NSA, DoD and DSS regulations.  We are the nationwide, go-to company for complete obliteration of classified magnetic data.  Watch for our upcoming blog on destruction of classified solid state data.