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Contracting Vehicles

Data Killers, a trade name of Turtle Wings, Inc., holds GSA contracts for both certified data destruction and electronics recycling. Our on-site hard drive shredding service is utilized by state and federal agencies across the country.  The schedule numbers are GS-25F0019T and GS-10F0134V (These contracts are under schedules 36 and 899 respectfully.  They can be accessed through or by searching for Turtle Wings, Inc.).  We also have several BPA’s and teaming agreements.  Purchase cards are accepted for payments of any size.  We offer data tape destruction, floppy disk shredding, hard drive degaussing, hard drive shredding, and media incineration. Shredding and degaussing services are fully certified, confirmed and available nationwide, both on-site and off-site.

Also, as a HUBzone company, we can help with achieving contracting requirements. Per FAR clause 19.1306, HUBzoned companies can be awarded sole source contracts. Our certifications insure that your department or agency will be in full compliance with the recent FAR, GSA and FMR changes.  Our on-site hard drive shredding service helps you maintain DSS requirements for destruction of classified materials.

In March 2012, the GSA announced that only certified e-waste recyclers may handle end-of-life electronics from federal agencies. This means that hard drive shredding needs to be done by a certified recycler to be in compliance with the GSA, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Federal Management Regulation and Executive Order 13514.  Hard drives have circuit boards which are a designated “focus material”. These focus materials are of particular concern because of the hazardous, toxic and rare-earth metals contained therein.  “Focus materials” are the main reason for these new restrictions.

We currently service almost every major agency and department and have impeccable references and past performances. Our past performances include: on-site hard drive shredding service, on-site degaussing including tape degaussing, disintegration of classified media, media incineration and electronics recycling.

We provide destruction services for all types of material including demilitarization of military items. We can incinerate or shred badges, IDs, clothing and confiscated items. Our Certificates of Destruction are accredited throughout the federal government.