Corporations & Government

Secure Transportation

Data Killers offers a variety of transportation options for your data or material, should it need to be destroyed at our facilities or incinerated.

For large and midsized projects we can send our bonded and insured personnel to pick up your media and it to our destruction facilities. For media, we can perform interim data destruction services like crushing, pinning or degaussing prior to transport. We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information service to store and transport military critical technical data, and we extend the same security policies to all of the data we transport.  We have established freight relationships with all the major carriers which can be a less expensive alternative.

All material is inventoried and documented to establish an unbroken, legally-sufficient single chain of custody with all required signatures and documentation. All materials are transported in securely locked trucks with GPS tracking devices, and taken to our monitored secure data facilities. Secure destruction services will occur immediately thereafter and a Certificate of Destruction will be issued.

For smaller projects, Data Killers will ship you appropriately sized, military-grade hard cases with combination locks and serialized closure tags. Customers simply fill the cases with the media to be destroyed, then seal the cases with the locks and the serialized tag and ship the cases back to Data Killers.

Customers notify Data Killers of the mode of shipment, the tracking number and the content list. When the case arrives, a screened and approved manager from Data Killers will sign for the cases from the shipping company to provide an auditable chain of custody and then verify the contents.  Secure data destruction will occur immediately thereafter and a Certificate of Destruction will be issued. Carriers can provide tracking of the cases at every point along the way. White glove courier service is also available.