Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Center Consolidations and Migration

Data Center Consolidations and Migration

As more data centers are being consolidated, Data Killers is fulfilling more requests to destroy large quantities of hard drives on-site at data centers.   Consolidating data centers as technology improves and energy efficiency improves is a cost saver for data center operators.  However, the risk of a security breech during this transition period can be high if the process has not been thoroughly planned out.  Data Killers specializes in nationwide data center consolidations and migration for all types of companies and organizations.

Most of these large data center operators, as a matter of policy, choose to physically destroy all hard drives after data migration.  They typically choose an on-site shredding option with tiny shred size to ensure compliance and mitigate all risks.

We asked several of our clients why they chose Data Killers to perform large scale data destruction projects for data center consolidation and here are the criteria they used:

  1. Strength of references –  Data Killers was chosen because we have references from almost every government agency and many large corporations spanning back eight plus years.
  2. Shred size – Data Killers was the only company offering on-site 10mm shred sizes across the country.
  3. Customer service level and reliability– Data Killers consistently performed at a high level as indicated by our references.  Our trucks arrived on-site on time with appropriately trained technicians. All jobs were completed thoroughly, accurately and on-budget with state of the art scanning and shredding equipment.  We heard a number of stories about local paper shredding companies who purported to be able to shred hard drives but when brought on-site were woefully underprepared, both equipment and personnel- wise, to complete the on-site hard drive shredding task at hand.  Our references strongly recommended us and we have huge volume of repeat satisfied customers.
  4. Environmental Compliance – Data Killers is R2 certified hence provides compliant hard drive destruction and recycling services. In March 2012, the federal government announced that only certified e-waste recyclers may handle end-of-life electronics from federal agencies including electronics which were bought with federal funds by government contractors.  The only certifications that the GSA recognizes for electronics recyclers are R2 and eStewards.  This means that hard drive shredding needs to be done by a certified recycler to be in compliance with federal mandates.
  5. Nationwide Coverage– Data Killers was the only company truly equipped to provide nationwide on-site hard drive destruction.