Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Center Decommissioning and Data Center Consolidations

Data Center Decommissioning and Data Center Consolidations

Turtle Wings / Data Killers has been in in the business of recycling electronics and providing on-site certified data destruction for almost a decade.  One of the other services provided by this woman-owned, HUBzoned company is data center decommissioning. Recently we decommissioned the server room for a data center customer in Reston, VA.

This project consisted of us bringing tools, equipment, personnel, pallets, etc. to the data center and carefully disconnecting and un-racking each switch and server.  This was performed by our highly skilled employees, all of whom are US citizens, who have undergone a rigorous background check including the federal government’s’ e-verify system.  Each piece of equipment was scanned into our inventory tracking system so that each piece could be duly accounted for.   Asset management and asset tracking is a key component to controlling costs and reducing risks for large enterprise customers. Each hard drive was pulled and then scanned into the same system to match the host equipment.  The process of matching hard drives to host equipment, means that every storage device has been fully accounted for and tracked.

On-site shredding of the hard drives then occurred after the drives were scanned and inventoried.  Shredding hard drives right at the data center eliminates all transportation risks.  In this case all hard drives were shredded to 10mm and the process was recorded on a DVD for proof of compliance at the customer’s corporate office.  After the equipment had been fully inventoried, including type, make, model and serial number, it was carefully packed for shipment to a certified re-seller.

As cloud computing becomes more accepted, more and more data centers are being built.  Server technology has improved and become more robust, capable of storing vast quantities of data. In the past, data center customers often had equipment scattered around the country to manage capacity and risk.  Now however, some companies and many government agencies are consolidating their data centers.  When you need help decommissioning a data center or consolidating data center equipment, the experts at Turtle Wings / Data Killers are there to help.  Data Killers’ nationwide data center decommissioning and data center consolidations keeps companies’ IT equipment current and compliant.