Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Destruction Tools

Data Destruction Tools

Technology and data storage media are quickly evolving, from back-up tapes to hard disks to portable memory devices and everything in between.  Data Killers understands that destruction of data storage media requires a thorough understanding of the rapid changes in technology.  As media evolves, so too must our equipment and methods for destroying or erasing them.  As a certified data destruction company, Data Killers knows that keeping up with changes to data storage designs and destruction needs is essential for complete accuracy and to satisfy all customers.

Most data destruction tools take one of three approaches:  they physically destroy the data-storage medium by shredding, crushing, punching or bending it; they degauss magnetic media such as hard drives or data tapes; or they overwrite or erase the data.  Data Killers’ full spectrum of data destruction services includes all three approaches.  We offer both off-site and on-site shredding, crushing, degaussing, erasure and disintegration.

Data Killers’ Data Destruction Tools

Data Killers’ trucks are fully equipped with cutting edge equipment to destroy any amount and type of data storage media.  For example, Data Killers’ proprietary hard drive shredders with adjustable screen sizes and NSA approved degaussers enable us to provide certified on-site data destruction for customers with classified or sensitive data or rigid compliance standards.  Our shredding process is unique because we can mobilize full size shredding equipment in our Data Killers trucks or we can perform the shredding in one of our secure facilities.   Whichever option you choose, Data Killers offers the highest quality shredding services by our team of trained data experts.  In addition, we offer DVD recordings of the entire shred process in case the project requires high level clearance, oversight or additional review by a compliance team.

Data Killers is the most highly qualified, well respected destruction service in the US.  Our processes are quick and thorough with reasonable prices.   We completely destroy any materials, using state of the art equipment and standardized policies and procedures, which guarantee destruction in excess of mandatory legal guidelines.  Data Killers proprietary data destruction tools, equipment and processes provide complete and accurate destruction of a variety of media and equipment.