Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers Helps Companies Avoid Costly Fines

Data Destruction by Data Killers Helps Companies Avoid Costly Fines

Regulations regarding data destruction have tightened considerably in the past few years.  Government agencies are now fining companies who do not protect personal information.  In the past, there were threats of fines but now these fines are a reality.   Don’t let this happen to your company. The only way to protect your company is to use trusted vendors who will provide best-in-class service.  Data destruction by Data Killers helps companies avoid costly fines.

Data Killers is the most highly qualified, well respected data destruction company in the United States.  Our long standing history of being totally error free is because of our rigorous training a process and our assured compliance program.  At Data Killers, we understand that our clients’ needs come first, which is why we go above and beyond to accommodate requests as well as be in full compliance of all local, state and federal regulations.

Our management and logistics teams have over two decades of business experience as well as a lifetime commitment to secure data destruction.  All of our employees are thoroughly trained in the latest data destruction standards and destruction technology advancements.  We welcome our customers to oversee the data destruction process with several options including DVD recordings, in person at their facility, in person at our facility, or streamed live thru a registered IP address.

Recently, a United Kingdom health care company was fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office for selling an old computer that held the health records and personal details of more than 3,000 patients.  Apparently, the health care company had previously contracted with an undisclosed data destruction company who failed to completely destroy all of the computer’s hard drives before re-selling them.

The compromised computer, along with several other PC’s, was sold on the internet auction site eBay to a member of the general public who discovered the breach and reported it to officials at the health care company.  The organization confiscated the computer and discovered private sensitive personal data, human resource records and patient records.  This discovery leads the health care company to reclaim an additional 39 computers that were improperly handled and subsequently sold by their data destruction provider.

At Data Killers, we guarantee that our services are completely reliable and accurate.  Our quality control processes are in place to assure that we adhere to extensive compliance regulations as well as superior industry standards.  Over the years, Data Killers has earned its’ reputation of having the best work ethics and being the most trusted data destruction company nationwide.