Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destruction helps hospitals and companies avoid breaches

Data Killers goes the extra mile to keep our customer’s data safe.  Our nationwide data destruction helps hospitals and companies avoid breaches.  As a company that frequently provides data destruction for hospitals and corporations throughout the country we stand behind our services. 


According to an article in Fierce Health IT, “three major data breaches have affected California health care companies.  One involved a computer infected with malicious software in which a total of 5100 patients were affected.  The malware sat on the computer for more than 2 ½ years before being detected.  The second involved a former employee’s illegal access where the former employee viewed: Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses, birth dates and some medical information.   The third involved theft of medical data from a contractor’s office in which a total of 338,700 patients were affected, More than 7 million patient records were breached last year, an increase of 138 percent from 2012, according to a recent report from IT security audit firm Redspin.” 


Although Data Killers can’t protect you from malware or theft or former employees, we can provide safe end-of-life disposal of all types of media including hard drives, back-up tapes, CD’s/DVD’s, microfiche, cell phones, memory drives and floppy disks. Data Killers certified shredding and physical destruction destroys the media completely, which renders data unrecoverable and keeps companies safe from breaches.  Having data destruction performed by a trusted company, like Data Killers, ensures that no data breaches will occur.  Our on-site hard drive shredding for hospitals and companies is a specialty that is trusted and utilized throughout the country.


Protecting customer data is a huge responsibility and is mandated by a variety of laws and regulations including HIPAA.  Data destruction is a large component of protecting customer data.  Data Killers offers a variety of services to protect information stored on laptops such as hard drive shredding, degaussing and incineration.    Our top-notch services ensure that our customers are completely compliant with an array of regulations including HIPAA, FDA Security Regulations, NSA and DoD Regulations.  Upon completion of any destruction project, Data Killers provides a nationally recognized, signed and dated Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance.  Our nationwide data destruction helps hospitals and companies avoid breaches and costly fines.