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Data Has Been Killed

Data Killers has successfully completed another large data destruction project, this time for the Social Security Administration. Data Killers shredded 49 pallets of hard drives and back-up tapes for the SSA, ensuring that the information contained therein will never be recovered. Data Killers, a division of Turtle Wings, an electronics recycling company, holds the federal government contract for shredding hard drives and back-up tapes.

“We have held the GSA contract for shredding media for over a year. We have serviced a number of federal agencies, state agencies, government contractors, private and publicly-held corporations, hospitals, etc. but this was a particularly large job for us,” said Elizabeth Wilmot, President of Data Killers. “We are one of the few companies that truly understands the laws, rules and regulations governing media destruction from sensitive corporate information to classified government information. We have the NSA-approved equipment for all types of media destruction.”

“Certified data destruction has become an increasingly important component of our business as our customers become more and more concerned with data security issues,” said Jeff Farber, Sr. VP of Data Killers. “The regulators, corporations and the public are now very concerned with their data. We offer certified data destruction services for all types of media to nationwide customers with secure transportation options. Since our Certificates of Destruction are nationally recognized, we are asked to shred an amazing array of products including transmitters, badges, x-rays, cell phones, recalled products and of course tapes, CD’s, and hard drives. We also offer an on-site data destruction option that is becoming increasingly popular.”

“We have seen an increase in our media shredding business because our NIST-compliant processes exceed the data destruction standards as set forth by: PCI; HIPAA; Sarbanes-Oxley; GLBA; FACTA; Bank Secrecy Act; Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act; US Safe Harbor Provisions; FDA Security Regulations; and various state laws,” said Jeremy Farber, COO of Data Killers. “All of our people undergo a background check and are thoroughly trained in security procedures. We are bonded and insured including E&O insurance. Our premises are secure and continuously controlled. The premises are monitored by CCTV and we comply with all SCIF physical regulations. We maintain the highest level of security and professionalism because our over-riding mission is to protect our customers’ data.“

Data Killers is a division of Turtle Wings, Inc. a woman-owned company based in Maryland with Hub-zone certification. Turtle Wings was formed by the recent merger of PC Recycler and Turtle Wings, Inc.
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