Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers destroys all media

Data Killers is known around the country for our signature, on-site hard drive shredding services.  However, our certified destruction services don’t stop at just hard drives.  Data Killers destroys all media, including but not limited to: smart phones; flash drives; microfiche; CD’s; DVD’s; circuit boards; back-up tapes; SIM cards; SD cards; floppy disks; and memory cards.  With nationwide coverage, we safely and quickly destroy any quantity of media via the following destruction offerings: purging; shredding; crushing; NSA degaussing; and incineration.  When considering the different types of media, shredding size is of the utmost importance in protecting discarded media from even rudimentary forensics and recovery techniques.  With media shredding capabilities as small as 2mm, Data Killers destroys all media either on-site at your location while you watch or off-site at our controlled, monitored warehouse.

Data Killers destroys all media and we also have extensive experience with product destruction services for CPSC recalls and FDA recalls nationwide.  Our product destruction services can be done either on-site at your location or off-site in one of our secure and controlled warehouses.  Data Killers renders product destruction services for all types of companies and organizations, including but not limited to: retailers; manufacturers; government agencies; corporations; franchise locations; and small businesses.  When a CPSC or FDA recall is issued, Data Killers works seamlessly with retailers and manufacturers providing an environmentally friendly way to destroy any type of product.  Our options for product destruction include shredding, incineration, and de-manufacturing.  Data Killers nationwide product destruction service helps keep consumers safe and product manufacturers compliant.

As a leading third party provider, Data Killers destroys all media and products too.  We are known and recognized throughout the country for our certified data destruction and product destruction services.  We adhere to all federal, state and local regulations for data destruction, product destruction and disposal.  With Data Killers, the project is done right the first time and all data is left unrecoverable.