Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers destroys data in California

Data Killers destroys data in California and throughout the nation. We specialize in on-site hard drive shredding, classified hard drive destruction, tape and media destruction, NSA degaussing, product and tape incineration, and disintegration services. Our fully-equipped destruction trucks and rapid deployment system allow us to quickly and securely destroy media on-site at our customer’s locations. With several large projects already scheduled, don’t be surprised if you spot us in California over the next week.


On Monday, the first project consists of shredding 2,400 hard drives on-site at our Customer’s location in San Francisco, California. This customer is a technology company that develops and markets sales, traffic, billing and broadcast automation software for television stations, radio stations, cable television stations, cable operators, web television, digital television and out-of-home advertising. With such a wide variety of information driven services, the customer requested that Data Killers scan all hard drive serial numbers and match them to their existing Excel spread sheet so they can track which drives have been properly destroyed.


The next job is a two day job in San Jose, California for a large defense contractor requiring classified destruction services for a combination of hard drives and data tapes. Data Killers classified hard drive and tape destruction service is compliant with all DoD regulations for destruction of classified media. We first NSA degauss the hard drives and tapes, and then shred them with our proprietary four shaft technology which allows us to shred any type of material down to 10mm. Data Killers two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding not only satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for classified destruction, but also ensures the complete obliteration of all data.


The final two days of Data Killers week long excursion in sunny California will be spent destroying approximately 20,000 tapes and hard drives for a major film production company. The media includes both archival and more recent copy written material. This long-term repeat customer in Los Angeles, California was one of Data Killers first large scale on-site data destruction projects. Data Killers destroys data in California and nationwide for a variety of companies, organizations, government agencies and military divisions.