Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers destroys data in Wilmington

Data Killers destroys data in Wilmington and throughout the nation for a variety of customers including corporations, government and military organizations, non-profit agencies, medical facilities, colleges and universities, and law firms.  Our services are certified and compliant with all local, state and federal regulations.  As our nationwide headquarters are centrally located in Maryland, just outside of Washington DC, our fully equipped and automated destruction trucks can easily be dispatched to Wilmington, Delaware for on-site hard drive and media shredding.

Much of Wilmington’s economy is based on its status as the most populous and readily accessible city in Delaware, a state that made itself attractive to corporations with business-friendly financial laws and a longstanding reputation for a fair and effective judicial system.  As a leading national financial center for the credit card industry, many major credit card issuers are either headquartered or conducting a significant portion of their business in Wilmington. Wilmington’s other notable industries include insurance, retail banking, and legal services. In addition, the city is the corporate domicile of more than 50% of the publicly traded companies in the United States, and over 60% of the Fortune 500. With data security as a prime concern for companies throughout the nation, Data Killers destroys data in Wilmington on a regular basis.

Recently, we completed on-site hard drive shredding in Wilmington for a long-term, repeat customer.  In this one day project, we shredded 1200 hard drives utilizing our 30 mm screen.  Prior to shredding the hard drives, Data Killer’s technicians scanned and captured the serial numbers of each hard drive.  The value in serial number scanning is inventory management and it helps companies to avoid complications with being audited.  In short, serial number scanning provides supplementary information to go along with the Certificate of Destruction provided by Data Killers.  In addition to shredding hard drives, we also shredded an extensive combination of back-up tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, and floppy drives utilizing our 30 mm screen.   We also shredded our customer’s cell phones and flash drives with our proprietary 10 mm screen, which ensures complete destruction of smaller media storage devices.  The transition to the smaller screen shows Data Killer’s versatility and ability to exceed our customer’s destruction requirements.  Data Killers destroys data in Wilmington, Delaware and nationwide.  We are the most trusted and reliable data destruction and environmental services company.