Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers destroys more than just data

Data Killers destroys more than just data.  In keeping with our strict environmental mission of offering globally responsible services, we offer nationwide incineration services for products, tapes and paper.  We work with all types of companies and organizations, including but not limited to: retailers; manufacturers; government agencies; corporations; franchise locations; and small businesses.  Our incineration services provide the perfect solution for certified destruction, while completing the project efficiently.

Incineration occurs in our affiliate, modern waste-to-energy facilities that offer a safe, technologically advanced means of disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting recycling through the recovery of metals.  Incineration is a green option and compliant with all environmental regulations including federal, state and local mandates.  Data Killers offers secure transportation and trucking options for palletized material, a comprehensive tracking and inventory management system, witnessed and hopper fed incineration options, and our nationally accepted Certificate of Destruction.

Data Killers destroys more than just data.  When a CPSC or FDA recall is issued, Data Killers works seamlessly with retailers and manufacturers providing an environmentally friendly way to incinerate the product or food while destroying it completely. We also offer tape incineration services throughout the nation for all quantities of tapes both large and small.  Tape incineration is approved by the NSA and Department of Defense (DoD) for all types of classified or un-classified tape destruction.  Also, incineration is totally secure and is often better than shredding for large quantities because the residual output is tremendously decreased.  Data Killers paper incineration provides a quicker, less expensive and more secure alternative to on-site paper shredding services.  We accept all types of paper including wet paper, damaged paper, paper in notebooks, classified paper, paper in large binder clips, and very large quantities of paper.  At the close of any incineration project, Data Killers will issue and send a Certificate of Destruction certifying the weight of the material and the fact that it was incinerated per NSA specs, and fully destroyed and that all media has been rendered completely unrecoverable.