Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers helps fight large HIPAA breaches

Patient information breaches in the medical and healthcare industry have been a cause of concern for many years.  According to a study released by IT security auditing vendor Redspin, large HIPAA breaches are on the rise and have increased by 21.5 percent over the past year.  To decrease the likelihood of HIPAA breaches and ensure that no patient information is compromised, experts recommend having data destruction performed by a trusted company, like Data Killers.  Protecting customer’s data and security is a huge responsibility that Data Killers has been successful in achieving over the last ten years.  With our certified hard drive shredding and data destruction services, Data Killers helps fight large HIPAA breaches.

Large HIPAA breaches are those involving more than 500 records.  The cause for the rise in HIPAA breaches is greatly related to the increase in mobile device thefts, laptop thefts and patient records not being appropriately destroyed or handled.

Certified data destruction is a large component of protecting customer data.  Data Killers offers a variety of services to protect information stored on laptops, computers, mobile devices, hard drives and memory devices.  We offer hard drive crushing, incineration services, hard drive shredding and degaussing.  Our certified destruction services guarantee that our customers are completely compliant with an array of regulations including HIPAA, NSA and DoD Regulations.  Upon completion of any destruction project, Data Killers provides a nationally recognized, signed and dated Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance.

Overall, organizations that are compliant with HIPAA have made a positive impact on data safety.  However, the recent increase in HIPAA breaches indicates that there is still room for improvement and absolute compliance.  The HIPAA Omnibus Rule update requires custodians of protected health information to make sure the data is unusable, unreadable and undecipherable by all unauthorized parties.  Data Killer’s commitment to protect data and destroy obsolete data is a key component in HIPAA compliance.  Our nationwide data destruction services will aid in preventing the many large HIPAA breaches on the rise throughout the country.