Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Connecticut

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Connecticut and nationwide for a variety of customers.  With Connecticut’s economy centered on finance and insurance, Data Killers on-site destruction has become a very useful and relied upon source for secure and certified data destruction.   We specialize in both classified and non-classified hard drive shredding, tape and media shredding, NSA approved degaussing and incineration services for large quantities of tapes.   We also offer FDA and CPSC product destruction for defective products and recalled items.  We offer service throughout Connecticut, including but not limited to Hartford; Bridgeport; New Haven; New Canaan; Stamford; and the entire eastern seaboard.  Our fully-equipped destruction trucks can come to any site complete with state-of-the-art, patent protected hard drive and tape shredders as well as NSA approved degaussers.

We recently deployed our data destruction trucks to Connecticut for an on-site shredding project for a new customer that develops online systems that give health insurance providers flexibility and control over document management and delivery of communications.  The one day project consisted of on-site hard drive and tape destruction of the company’s sensitive information.  Our customer in Connecticut wanted their hard drives and tapes treated as classified so the destruction process included NSA degaussing followed by shredding the media to 30mm.  The client witnessed the entire destruction process because it was a corporate requirement.  In just one day, our technicians NSA degaussed and shredded 600 hard drives and 400 DLT/LTO back-up tapes.  Data Killer’s on-site media shredding in Connecticut ensured that all of our customer’s media was completely destroyed and the data unrecoverable prior to it leaving their facility.

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Connecticut and nationwide because we recognize the importance of keeping our customer’s data secure from breaches and threats.  Our customer chose Data Killers because of our compliance with HIPAA and PCI Data Security Standards.  At the follow-up to this project, our customer was elated that their project was completed on-site and that the destruction meets their compliance regulations.