Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Philadelphia

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Philadelphia and nationwide, even with the recent cold temperatures and snow impacting the country.  We offer an assortment of certified data destruction services, including: on-site hard drive shredding; media incineration; product destruction for recalls; and NSA approved degaussing for tapes and hard drives.  With fully equipped trucks and warehouses throughout the country, Data Killers technicians can easily and quickly get to any location in the United States to perform our certified and compliant data destruction services.  The key component to our nationwide data destruction capabilities is our proprietary trucks, which are fully equipped with top-rated shredders, degaussers, and destruction equipment.

When planning an on-site project, Data Killers sales and support staff carefully monitor weather conditions that can impact both our Customer’s location for the on-site destruction and our truck’s commute.    Although some weather conditions are unavoidable and come without warning, we go above and beyond to coordinate our projects efficiently and effectively.  This is done to keep our drivers and equipment safe, but also to exceed our customer’s expectations while providing the absolute best in on-site data destruction services.

Recently, one of our trucks was dispatched to Philadelphia to destroy hard drives for a nationwide corporate litigation firm.    Data Killers sales staff worked first hand with the customer in Philadelphia to plan this project around a major snow and ice event impacting the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States.  Although the hard drives weren’t classified, our customer requested that we destroy them using the protocols for classified hard drive destruction.  During this two day project, Data Killers data technicians were able to completely destroy 5,400 hard drives that contained the firm’s sensitive client information.  Our process of degaussing then shredding is the only NSA approved process to destroy hard drives. This two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines.   At the follow-up to this project, our Customer was elated that their project was completed while avoiding the major snow/ice storm and yet prior to their required deadline.  Data Killers shreds hard drives in Philadelphia and nationwide with professionalism, prompt execution and hard work.