Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Phoenix

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Phoenix and nationwide for a host of Fortune 500 companies, government and military clients, law firms, healthcare organizations, technology companies, government contractors, etc .  With trucks and personnel strategically placed, we can access any site and location with ease.  As a commercial and manufacturing center in an agricultural region, Phoenix is an ideal location for Data Killers to provide our certified on-site hard drive shredding services.  Major industries include government, agricultural products, aerospace technology, electronics, air-conditioning, leather goods and mining.  One of our most recent projects was on-site hard drive shredding for a nationwide aerospace technology company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

During this two day project, Data Killers technicians shredded 1,900 hard drives and 700 tapes utilizing our 30 mm screen.  However, we didn’t stop at just the hard drives and tapes.  In this project, our customer also decided to securely shred and destroy 800 pounds of RAM in addition to the hard drives and tapes.  Shredding the RAM required our technicians to change the shredder screen and output particle size to 10 mm which ensures that the tiny RAM components are destroyed completely.  Other hard drive shredding companies don’t offer this shred size and failure to completely destroy the RAM leaves the company’s data still intact.

Data Killers shreds hard drives in Phoenix as well as a variety of media including tapes, CD/DVDs, RAM, circuit boards, flash and USB drives, and tablets.  Our certified destruction services are compliant with all DoD regulations, which is why one reason our customer entrusted their data destruction needs with us.  In addition to DoD regulations, Data Killers is compliant with all other regulations for hard drive destruction, including but not limited to: HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, PCI Data Security Standard, NSA, NIST, and Bank Secrecy Act.  With such a thriving and multifaceted economy, Data Killers on-site hard drive shredding in Phoenix is ideal for a variety of customers ranging from technology innovators to national brands to shipping distribution companies.  Our sales and management staff are extensively trained on compliance regulations to ensure that our data destruction services meet our client’s requirements.