Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destroying hard drives in Chicago

Data Killers is the nationwide leader in providing certified on-site shredding and destruction services for an assortment of media and products, including but not limited to: hard drives; CD’s and DVD’s; memory drives; recalled consumer goods; etc. Data Killers accommodates data destruction jobs of all sizes, duration, and from locations all around the United States. With warehouses and trucks strategically located throughout the US, we can easily dispatch a team of data technicians to any facility for expert data destruction. Recently, our technicians were destroying hard drives in Chicago for two long-term, repeat customers.

One project consisted of on-site shredding of approximately 1,160 hard drives in one day for a global cloud computing company with nationwide offices. Prior to shredding, Data Killers technicians captured and recorded the serial number of each hard drive with our scanning system. Data Killers advanced scanning equipment was preloaded with tracking information so that all recorded hard drives were accounted for. Our customer elected the scanning option because it provides accurate inventory and asset management. Data Killers advanced scanning equipment was preloaded with tracking information so that all recorded hard drives are accounted for. At the debriefing following the project, this repeat customer in Chicago was still impressed with the speed, accuracy and professionalism of Data Killers.

The next project consisted of on-site hard drive and tape shredding in Chicago for a nationwide financial and banking institution. Data Killers provides on-site shredding services for the banks locations throughout the country. They chose Data Killers as their data destruction provider because of our error free track record and nationwide certifications like R2 and ISO. At this job, Data Killers technicians scanned and shredded approximately 500 hard drives on-site at the customer’s facility located in downtown Chicago. The customer also had approximately 400 back-up tapes that we shredded only because the tapes did not contain bar codes to scan. This customer was impressed with Data Killers service and professionalism and has already scheduled similar data destruction projects for another location in Charlotte, NC. Data Killers is the expert on destroying hard drives in Chicago and nationwide.