Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destruction of Hard Drives from Copiers

Destruction of Hard Drives from Copiers

Data Killers trucks were in California, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania this week and last week working on a copier hard drive destruction project for a large copier manufacturer.   The ultimate customer is a government agency with offices across the United States who is in the processes of replacing old copiers with new ones.  The manufacturer of the older model copiers could not provide an easy method for wiping the hard drives in those copiers and the government agency did not want those old copiers removed from their premises until they were “guaranteed” that all data was removed.

That’s when the new copier manufacturer called Data Killers.  They contracted with Data Killers, the most highly-respected nationwide data destruction and hard drive destruction company, to go to each office and pull the hard drives from these copiers and destroy them.   Data Killers has a fleet of hard drive shredding trucks strategically housed across the country enabling them to deploy at any moment.   When a customer is a large enterprise customer or a government agency, they need a company that can provide on-site hard drive destruction services to all locations.

Data Killers visited remote sites from Sacramento to South Dakota to Texas and Pennsylvania to accomplish this copier hard drive destruction project within the narrow timeframe allowed by the customer.   All information about the copiers and the hard drives was carefully noted on an individual Certificate of Destruction verifying that the data was completed destroyed.

We thought that this project was particularly noteworthy because almost all adult citizens in this country interact with one or more government agencies at least once a year and that government agency has information about that citizen that is highly confidential.  No one would want their personal information to be accidentally given out.  Image the nightmare of having your identity stolen!   Protecting your personal information is keenly important these days.   That is why, when faced with a challenging nationwide data destruction project, Data Killers was called in to protect the identity of all American citizens.

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