Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destruction of small quantities of hard drives

Data Killers deals with an array of clients around the country that have large volumes of media; however, we offer the same certified and accurate destruction services for customers with small quantities as well. We offer our signature hard drive shredding and data destruction services for customers with quantities as small as one drive to those with thousands of drives. Even though a company may have a small amount of hard drives, it’s extremely important to be compliant with all laws and regulations such as HIPAA, PCI Data Security Standard and FACTA Disposal Rule. We also render data destruction services for residents who want their media destroyed completely and the data unrecoverable. Data Killers works with a diverse group of companies and residents to help them understand the various regulations and compliance requirements. Our hard drive and media shredding services are applicable for destruction of small quantities of hard drives as well.


For destruction of small quantities of hard drives and media, Data Killers offers a secure shipment option to our controlled and monitored shredding facility. Many clients around the country use this carefully tracked shipment method for their off-site hard drive shredding needs. The process of sending hard drives is easy for our clients and is fully compliant with all physical destruction criteria as set forth by various laws and regulations. In addition, Data Killers can provide a detailed audit of all destroyed hard drives, as well as DVD recordings of the entire data destruction process from our secure facilities. This secure shipment method is used by numerous corporations, government agencies and residential customers across the country.


As a nationwide data destruction company, it is extremely important that our certified services are utilized by all types of customers with all types of quantities. Data Killers does not exclude customers, but instead we provide convenient options like secure shipment, customer shipment, and even allow customers to bring their media to us for complete destruction. Data Killers is the go to company for destruction of small quantities of hard drives as well as customers with large amounts of media.