Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destruction of solid state media in Chicago

This winter’s snow storms and frigid cold temperatures have not stopped the data destruction experts, Data Killers.  We know that our customers have project deadlines and data destruction requirements that don’t always coincide with Mother Nature.  This is why we offer year round, nationwide destruction services, including but not limited to: hard drive and tape shredding, NSA approved degaussing, wet document incineration, product destruction, etc.   With fully equipped destruction trucks, controlled and monitored warehouses and expert technical personnel strategically placed throughout the country Data Killers can take on projects at locations throughout the United States.  We recently deployed a team of technicians to The Windy City for destruction of solid state media in Chicago for the commercial electronics division of a major American defense contractor.

Data Killers is routinely cleared and chosen for classified hard drive and media destruction for a variety of organizations including military, government, government contractors and Fortune 500 companies.  Our classified destruction processes are compliant with all regulations as set forth by governing bodies like NSA and DoD.  We have NSA approved degaussers, four-shaft shredding technology with adjustable output sizes and even disintegration capabilities for solid state drives.  Our shredding and disintegration services will completely destroy any quantity of classified thumb drives, solid state hard drives, CD’s, iPhones, etc.

Although the weather was cold, Data Killers technicians disintegrated 1,230 solid state media drives so that our customer could meet their end of the month deadline.  The customer chose Data Killers because our disintegration service and data destruction equipment and processes meet the NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for high security disintegrators and the NSA/CSS 04-02 specifications for optical media destruction.  At the follow-up to this project, our customer in Chicago commented on the hard work, accuracy and integrity displayed by Data Killers technicians and support staff.  Data Killers does not take these compliments lightly because we strive to please all of our customers and exceed their expectations.