Author BenLogan

Don’t trust anyone to wipe your data

National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) Finds Personal Data On Wiped Devices


Results of the probe showed 50 percent of the tablets, 44 percent of hard drives and 13 percent of the mobile phones retained personally identifiable information after being wiped.


Don’t trust anyone to wipe your data. Data Killers will physically destroy your devices to eliminate potential data breaches. We are qualified and certified in data destruction. We want to assure you that all electronics, data and markings identifying your Company are destroyed upon their receipt and processed through our asset management system. For your total convenience and security, we offer on-site witnessed physical data destruction. We will come to any of your locations and perform on-site data destruction, by degaussing and/or shredding your magnetic media even before removal and disassembly of your electronic equipment takes place.