Author Elizabeth Wilmot

DSS Approved Classified Hard Drive Destruction Service

The Defense Security Service (DSS) is an agency of the Department of Defense (DoD) located in Quantico, Virginia with field offices throughout the United States. DSS provides security support services to approximately 13,500 cleared contractor facilities, the military services, and 26 federal agencies.  The Defense Security Service supports national security and helps secure the nation’s technological base.

One of the focuses of DSS is to make sure that classified material being held and used by cleared contractors and federal agencies is properly de-classified at the end of it’s lifecycle.  This is an extremely important mission and critical piece of securing America’s technological secrets.  There are extremely rigid and defined protocols for the destruction of classified materials. These regulations are in place to protect us as a country which is why it is imperative to choose the right vendor for destruction of classified media.

Data Killers offers nationwide on-site classified destruction services which satisfy all NSA / DoD destruction regulations.  All of our employees are required to understand the various protocols for destruction.  Data Killers destroys a lot of classified material and helps it’s customers meet all the DSS requirements.  This is extremely important as the DSS will ask for a thorough scope of work detailing the destruction process and the certifications and capabilities of the destruction vendor.  Additionally, the DSS rep will require certain details on the Certificate of Destruction.  Data Killers has years of experience in doing this right.

Our NSA approved degaussers are annually re-certified by an outside third party.  Our two-step process of degaussing then shredding satisfies all guidelines for classified hard drive destruction, ensuring complete obliteration of all data.  With trucks nationwide, our people and equipment can be on your site at any time and our on-site shredding service eliminates all chain of custody issues.  The material never leaves the SCIF until it has been completely de-classified.

With advanced forensics and recovery techniques, shredding size is critically important.  Our classified hard drive destruction service includes hard drive shredding with our proprietary four shaft technology allowing us to shred any type of material down to 10 mm on your site.  Data Killers is the only choice for destruction of classified material with NSA confirmed processes and equipment.