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Enterprise-wide Data Destruction Services

Enterprise-wide Data Destruction Services

On-site tape shredding in New York, New York

New York is home to many major financial corporations, the stock exchange and a host of international law firms, which is why Data Killers frequently provides data destruction services in New York City and the surrounding areas.   One recent project consisted of the on-site tape shredding of nearly 3,000 tapes for a multinational mass media and telecommunication company located in New York.  This New York company is a branch of a major international conglomerate who utilizes our services enterprise-wide for data destruction services across the US.  With national data destruction capabilities given our broad footprint, Data Killers can rapidly and easily deploy our mobile shredders to locations all across the United States to provide the best in on-site tape shredding, on-site hard drive shredding and a variety of data destruction services including destruction of classified media.

On-site hard drive shredding in Spokane, Washington

Data Killers mobile hard drive shredding trucks have recently been up and down the west coast from southern California to Spokane, Washington providing exemplary on-site hard drive shredding.  One recent project in Spokane was to scan then strip cut shred hundreds of hard drives for a satellite office of a company that is a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing arena.  As a nationwide data destruction provider, Data Killers is able to provide enterprise-wide destruction for satellite offices in any city or state in the US.  For instance, our Spokane customer is a regional center for the company which is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.  With coast to coast coverage, Data Killers can provide quality on-site enterprise-wide data destruction services for our customers around the United States.

On-site tape shredding in Georgia

Like the previous two projects, our customer in Georgia is a division of a national health care data analytics company.  On this project, Data Killers was responsible for shredding many boxes of media that included both tapes and CD’s.  Our teams of data experts are trained in the latest data destruction technologies, which enables Data Killers to correctly destroy media of all types in compliance with all regulations and laws while providing outstanding customer service.  Data Killers is trusted by companies across the nation and goes above and beyond the baseline standards to ensure that our customer’s requirements are met and exceeded.