Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard drive shredding in Charlotte

Recently, a team of Data Killers technicians went to thriving and affluent Charlotte, NC to pick-up computers which contained hard drives to be shredded.  Our customer in Charlotte is a nationwide leader in providing software and technology services for banking and financial institutions nationwide.  This project also involved our Turtle Wings electronics recycling services because we picked up over 200 computers for recycling.  Prior to removing the computers, Data Killers technicians safely and quickly removed all the computer hard drives for on-site hard drive shredding in Charlotte at our customer’s facility.  In addition to destroying all the computer hard drives we also scanned the hard drive serial numbers and matched them to the serial numbers of the host machines, which provided our customer with complete inventory and asset management.  The customer’s hard drives were completely destroyed on-site while their corresponding computers were securely transported back to our controlled and monitored warehouse to be recycled accordingly.

Data Killers process to destroy hard drives and Turtle Wings electronics recycling services are both completely compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for hard drive disposal and computer recycling.  With the recent rise in data breaches, it is extremely important for financial institutions to destroy their hard drives and digital records with a certified company like Data Killers.  We go above and beyond to accommodate special requests because we always strive to make the shredding and recycling process convenient for our customers, which is why we have such a high customer retention rate.  Data Killers policies and procedures exceed the required legal mandates in every state across the country.  Data Killers, together with our Turtle Wings electronics recycling arm, has all your data destruction and electronics recycling needs covered.

Data Killers is the trusted source for hard drive shredding in Charlotte and throughout the nation.  We offer a variety of certified data destruction services, including: hard drive shredding; media incineration; product destruction for recalls; and NSA approved degaussing for tapes and hard drives.  With fully equipped trucks and warehouses throughout the country, Data Killers technicians can easily and quickly get to any location in the United States to perform our assortment of thorough and compliant data destruction services.