Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard Drive Shredding Service Nationwide

Hard Drive Shredding Service Nationwide

Data Killers mobile hard drive shredding trucks were all over the country last week.    One of our customers is in the health care arena with offices across the eastern part of the US.  We travel to each of their offices and perform on-site hard drive shredding and on-site tape shredding.   Last week, we performed mobile hard drive shredding in Tennessee. This customer is subject to many laws and regulations regarding data protection but their main concern is complying with HIPAA regulations. Data Killers hard drive shredding service nationwide is trusted and secure.

HIPAA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996.   HIPAA has many clauses but some of the more important clauses include Title II of HIPAA, known as the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions and national identifiers for providers, health insurance plans, and employers. The Administrative Simplification provisions also address the security and privacy of health data. The standards are meant to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s health care system by encouraging the widespread use of electronic data interchange in the U.S. health care system.

For this customer, we pre-loaded the serial numbers of all the media and then matched the pieces that we scanned and shredded to their list to ensure accuracy and accountability.  Only pieces which were on their list were destroyed.   For large companies with large quantities of media, this step helps prevent the destruction of data which was not slated to be destroyed.  Many of our enterprise-wide data destruction customers provide us with lists that we need to pre-match prior to shredding.  This extra step is often mandated by their compliance team who must account to numerous government agencies and authorities.  Government agencies can impose fines for data that was not adequately protected and destroyed.  However, most of our customers are motivated by the desire to protect their own clients and the desire to protect their own reputation by thwarting a data breech.

To protect your company’s reputation and your clients’ information, call Data Killers at 301-583-8399 for nationwide mobile hard drive shredding.