Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard Drive Degaussing and Shredding in DC

Hard Drive Degaussing and Shredding in DC

Data Killers offers fully compliant and accredited data destruction services to companies and government agencies throughout the country including hard drive degaussing and shredding in DC.  Although our shredders and degaussers are completely mobile, Data Killers also offers our clients, who are in driving distance to our warehouses, the option to bring their hard drives or media to our facility to witness the destruction.  Our plant based data destruction option is extended to customers with classified hard drives and media that must be destroyed completely while they witness in order to meet stringent compliance standards.

Data Killers’ facilities comply with most SCIF regulations and our CAGE code is available upon request. The premises can be completely locked down depending on our client’s requirements.   All of our employees undergo a background check, sign a confidentiality agreement, and are thoroughly trained in security procedures.

Hard drive degaussing and shredding in DC

Recently, Data Killers completed an extensive data destruction project in our DC plant for a major defense contractor.  The one day project consisted of degaussing (in an NSA approved degausser) then shredding over 3,000 hard drives.  This plant based degaussing and shredding of their hard drives meant that their media was fully destroyed per NSA specifications before leaving our facility.  During the destruction process, our DC plant was totally locked down and secure in order to meet our client’s rigid requirements and standards.  As a certified data destruction company, Data Killers assured compliance guarantees that we comply with all customer regulations for shredding and degaussing their hard drives.  Our references come from the most highly regarded corporations and government agencies in the country.  We perform absolutely secure data destruction services while providing friendly and informative customer service.  Our experienced crew has years of data destruction training and work experience.