Author Elizabeth Wilmot

hard drive shredding helps hospitals avoid breaches

At Data Killers we are always on the lookout for news and information pertaining to data security and the data destruction industry. We believe in providing excellent service and keeping our customers data safe. Data Killers hard drive shredding helps hospitals avoid breaches. As a company that frequently provides data destruction for hospitals and corporations throughout the country we stand behind our services. We thought the following article, originally reported on Health IT Security, was worth mentioning.


“Coordinated Health reported this week that a data breach involving a stolen laptop belonging to an employee may have affected up to 700 patients. According to, an employee in Bethlehem had left the laptop in their car and the device was stolen on February 21. The release said that the device was password protected, but it doesn’t look like the laptop was encrypted. Because the laptop contained protected health information (PHI) such as patient names, dates of birth, addresses, insurance information, appointment dates and physician names as well as their Social Security numbers, the breach would be a HIPAA violation. Coordinated hired a forensic investigator to conduct a full review of the content on the computer. While the laptop was password protected, the investigation revealed that the device may have contained an email with an attached file of 733 CH patient files. The report added that the theft was reported to local authorities with a formal police report filed.”


Although Data Killers can’t protect you from theft, we can provide safe end-of-life disposal of all types of media including hard drives, back-up tapes, CD’s/DVD’s, microfiche, cell phones, memory drives and floppy disks. Data Killers certified hard drive shredding and physical destruction destroys the media totally, which leaves the data unrecoverable and keeps companies safe from breaches. Having data destruction performed by a certified company, like Data Killers, ensures that no data breaches will occur. Our on-site hard drive shredding for hospitals and companies is a specialty that is trusted and utilized nationwide. Data Killers hard drive shredding helps hospitals avoid breaches and is compliant with an assortment of regulations including HIPAA, FDA Security Regulations, NSA and DoD Regulations.