Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard Drive Shredding in Richmond

Data Killers performs hard drive shredding in Richmond, Virginia for a variety of customers.  During the past week, our trucks have been deployed to several sites in Richmond for hard drive and media destruction projects for both new and repeat customers.

One project consisted of on-site shredding of a large mixed quantity of hard drives, tapes, CD’s, floppy drives and data sticks.  This returning customer in Richmond needed data destroyed for their patient medical records division.  In just one day, Data Killers technicians were able to shred over 1,300 pieces of mixed media.  Data Killers on-site shredding is ideal for customers with sensitive or classified data like the medical data (protected under HIPAA) from our Richmond customer.

The following day, the same team of Data Killers technicians was dispatched to another repeat customer in Richmond for certified destruction of their solid state hard drives and media.  This project in Richmond was for the corporate electronics division of a major American defense contractor.    In this one day project, Data Killers technicians disintegrated 530 solid state media drives so that our customer could meet their deadline prior to their annual audit.  The customer chose Data Killers again because our disintegration service for solid state media, which many data destruction companies do not offer.  Also, our processes meet the NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for high security disintegrators and the NSA/CSS 04-02 specifications for optical media destruction.

In the final project for our Richmond run, Data Killers completed on-site shredding for a new military customer.  In one day, our technicians degaussed and shredded 400 classified hard drives and 250 classified DLT tapes on-site at our customer’s facility.  Our self-powered, fully equipped trucks were able to dock at our customer’s facility to completely destroy all hard drives and tapes prior to leaving their cleared facility.  Data Killers performs hard drive shredding in Richmond and throughout the continental United States.  As a leading provider, we offer a complete assortment of certified data destruction services.