Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard Drive Shredding Prevents Data Leakage

When old hard drives or computers are recycled, it is imperative that all information, especially information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, proprietary information and credit information are completely destroyed. The only way to ensure that sensitive information once stored on a hard drive can never be recovered again is through hard drive shredding which is what is offered by responsible electronics recyclers like Turtle Wings / Data Killers.  Our nationally renowned hard drive shredding prevents data leakage and renders the hard drives data unrecoverable. 

Hard drive shredding is the complete physical destruction of a hard drive. It is 100% reliable and guaranteed to obliterate all information previously stored on the drive.  Other methods like hard drive erasure and data wiping software can still leave data intact, which puts companies at risk for data leakage. Data Killers hard drive shredding is dependable and eliminates the potential risks associated with software, which can leave some remnants of company or personal information on the hard drive.  That potential is one reason why the best way to be sure a hard drive does not fall into the wrong hands is through physical destruction, and that’s where hard drive shredding comes into play.  The most cost effective way to dispose of hard drives and ensure a high level of data security is to shred them.   Data Killers offer fully compliant and accredited hard drive shredding services to companies and government agencies throughout the country. 

Although Data Killers primarily serves large corporations and government agencies, we also offer hard drive shredding for smaller companies and residents.   Our compliant and certified hard drive shredding provides maximum security and protection for all types of customers. Data Killers hard drive shredding prevents data leakage for a variety of customers including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, medical facilities, small businesses and even residents.  Turtle Wings / Data Killers hard drive shredding and electronics recycling services provide absolute peace of mind because our processes are certified, trusted and compliant with all regulations.