Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Hard Drive Shredding via Secure Shipment

Hard Drive Shredding via Secure Shipment

Every piece of technology has a lifespan, and even smaller companies likely have a technology closet with at least a few retired PC’s tucked into a corner.  Although these machines may have been wiped using software designed to destroy data digitally, it’s possible that some remnants of company or personal information are still present.  That potential is one reason why the best way to be sure a hard drive won’t fall into the wrong hands is through physical destruction, and that’s where hard drive shredding comes into play.  Data Killers offer fully compliant and accredited hard drive shredding  via secure shipment to companies, government agencies and households throughout the country.

Although Data Killers primarily serves large corporations and government agencies, we also offer hard drive shredding for smaller companies and residents.   Our secure shipment option is often the best choice for these smaller quantities, and is just as safe and reliable as our on-site shredding services.  We make the process for our customers easy by shipping hard cases complete with combination locks and serialized closure tags.  Customers pack the cases with their media to be destroyed, then seal the cases with the locks and tags provided and ship the cases back to our controlled and monitored Data Killers facility.

Upon receiving the case, a Data Killers manager will sign for the case, notify the customer the case was received and verify the contents.  This process creates an auditable chain of custody for compliance purposes.  We also offer DVD recordings of the hard drive serial number scanning and the destruction process as added options for more stringent customer requirements.

Data Killers’ nationwide hard drive shredding via secure shipment is the best option for companies with smaller quantities and residents.  Our compliant and certified hard drive shredding via secure shipment provides maximum security and protection for all types of customers.