Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Has the data really been destroyed

Data is harder to destroy from hard drives than most people might think.  It takes more than a software wipe, utilizing the PC’s erase feature or an overwrite function to completely erase data stored on hard drives.  These methods do not actually erase data but rather simply cover it up with code.  Has the data really been destroyed? 

Another common myth for hard drive and data destruction is to drill three holes in the hard disk or utilize a sledgehammer or similar piece of equipment to destroy the drive.  However, data and the hard drives that store it are more resilient than people think.  Has the data really been destroyed? 

Data deletion using software and non-conventional methods like a sledgehammer is a very non-trustworthy solution which subjects consumers and businesses to increased risk.  For certified data destruction across the U.S., Data Killers offers on-site hard drive shredding and on-site degaussing utilizing NSA approved degaussers and/or patent protected shredders offering the industry’s smallest shred size.  Our certified and compliant destruction offerings guarantee that the data has really been destroyed. 

Although do it yourself data obliteration and software tools provide a quick fix, these tools often subject businesses to increased risk and error.  The only sure way to destroy data is by trusting it to Data Killers, as our physical data destruction services are secure, certified and compliant with all regulations which helps companies avoid paying costly fines and reduces errors and risks from in-house procedures.  There are a variety of different programs and applications that claim to destroy data on hard drives, but these methods do not guarantee that the data is never gone for good.  In order to completely destroy data on hard drives and media, Data Killers provides certified shredding and degaussing to ensure that the data is unrecoverable and has really been destroyed.