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Hotusa Group of Spain Gets Hit by Security Breach

Hotusa Group of Spain Gets Hit by Security Breach

Data Theft Not Limited to the US

A trip down memory lane may give the false impression that incidents of data theft, particularly those that could have been remedied by properly disposing of sensitive data, only occur in the United States. But, sadly, this trend is global in scope.

The independent variable in reported data thefts of this nature affecting corporations and government agencies isn’t location or industry served but rather negligence. Whether protecting consumer credit card information, medical records, account login credentials, or other personal information, some corporate entities let fall by the wayside the responsibility to properly destroy their secure data.


Hotusa Group of Spain Gets Hit

Our latest cautionary tale (though by no means the last) comes by way of the Hotusa Group of Spain. Based out of Barcelona, Hotusa Group operates a chain of hotels — many of them 4- and 5-star boutiques — along with several other businesses that cater to the tourist industry, including online hotel booking engines.

In short, credit card payments are predominantly the currency in which Hotusa Group trades. Unfortunately, that information was what data thieves seized upon, coming away with account numbers, cardholder names, expiration dates, and other assorted pieces of data for customers who had used their American Express cards at locations owned and operated by Hotusa Group.


How to Avoid Your Own Data Theft

For companies and government agencies dealing in secure data, take the following steps to ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

1      Hard Drive Shredding & Hard Drive Destruction

Don’t let important information walk out your door upon reselling old computers. Even (or perhaps especially) with large quantities of media, it’s important to shred or otherwise destroy hard drives so that data stored there can’t be retrieved.

2      Degaussing

Degaussing is a process by which magnetic media – including hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and computer hard drives – are erased, rendering them unusable and the data unrecoverable.

3      Leverage Secure Shipping

Untold numbers of times, important data – a single hard drive or CD-ROM – is simply lost, as if it vanished into the ether. Always opt for secured shipping of sensitive materials.

To learn about the need for compliance, and how Data Killers can serve your company or agency, please read about our data destruction services.