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If You Work In One of These 5 Industries, Watch Out for Cyber Attack

In the 2016 IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index, the 5 industries most at risk for a cyber attack were:

cyber-security1. Healthcare
2. Manufacturing
3. Financial Services
4. Government
5. Transportation

Does that make you nervous? It should.

IBM’s annual report offers a high-level overview and detailed look at the type and volume of cyber attack, which industries are most affected, and the key factors enabling attackers to help you better understand the current threat landscape. Attacks on websites are commonplace, which is why many businesses factor penetration testing services prices into their cybersecurity budgets. The report reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your organization. One organization committed to safeguarding businesses is Eatel Business. If you are concerned about the threat of cybersecurity then you could visit website here for more information.

But just reading the report doesn’t solve the problem. Physical security of your data is an ongoing problem that is only getting more complicated.

In a recent article talking about the use of sensors and IoT devices, disturbing information about users’ lack of security knowledge highlighted a growing problem with a wide range of new technology with potentially vulnerable data dangling dangerously close to criminals who would love to access it.

Even among the group of consumers that describe their technical literacy as “intermediate or advanced” (70 percent in the BullGuard survey), these consumers are able to set up a router, but don’t frequently change the password or know how to set it up for optimal home network security.

One way to protect your business from cyber threats is by updating your network to a virtual private server. Check out for a range of hosting services to suit your business needs.

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