Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Information Security

Do you want to know why destruction of information is important?  Two words: Information Security!  Information Security means protecting information from unauthorized access and use.  In this day and age, most information is held on hard drives, tapes, CD’s, floppies and all the way down to those tiny SD cards in your mobile phones; making our information more accessible.  Data Killers specializes in certified hard drive destruction and media shredding services to keep information secure and help avoid potential data security breaches.  Our hard drive and media shredding is absolutely secure, as we physically destroy data utilizing NSA approved degaussers and patent protected shredders.  Data Killers data destruction services are the only sure method to completely destroy data and render it unrecoverable.

All types of businesses, government organizations and military store information regarding their employees, customers, products and financial statements.  If this information leaked into the wrong hands, it could result in possible lawsuits and potential bankruptcy.  Most government agencies hold classified information regarding national security. If this information got into the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic even to the point of threatening national security.  Information Security is also important for many financial institutions and even many colleges and universities all over the country. There have been security breaches in the past that have negatively affected these financial institutions and universities causing major problems within their infrastructure and threatening their relationships with the public.  Data Killers nationwide hard drive shredding services are certified and secure, which is why we have excellent references from an array of customers, including but not limited to: Fortune 500 corporations; government and military customers; medical facilities; and small businesses.  With changing technology both for people trying to steal data and for companies that need to protect their information security, it pays to go with a company like Data Killers because our destruction is guaranteed and certified.