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When It Comes to Secure Data Destruction, Leave it to the Experts

As therapeutic as it may feel to bash, grind, and drill the components of your old technology; secure data destruction requires much more than that to keep information safe.

Secure Data Destruction Should Be Expertly Conducted

When Guardian journalists got physical while destroying old computer bits related to Edward Snowden files, they probably got a good workout, but they still needed help to make sure the data was safely eliminated and antiquated tools and brute strength were not enough. The truth is, it takes more than that to keep information protected.


This story is just one example of why data destruction should be left to professional data destruction experts.

The truth is you don’t want 60 Minutes knocking on your door. You owe it to your employees, clients, customers, and yourself to make sure your organization’s information (and stakeholder data) remains secure.

Data Killers provides nationwide, on-site destruction of any type of equipment or media with assured compliance and the ability to shred material to 10mm or as small as 2mm sizes. Data Killers is the data and product destruction arm of Turtle Wings, Inc., an ISO certified, HUBZoned company holding multiple GSA contracts.

At Data Killers we strive to go above and beyond for all of our customers.  Following a recent onsite hard drive shredding project, we received the following comment from a new customer:

“It was very interesting to see all the hard drives get shredded! I’m impressed at the amount of time it took to even shred all 223 drives within 5 minutes. Thank you again for the onsite destruction!”

-Stephanie, healthcare company employee and Data Killers customer

Learn all about our services and let us know if we can help you safely destroy your old technology.