Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Media Coverage on Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling

Media Coverage on Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling

Every year, the news media covers the subjects of electronics recycling and data destruction offered by services such as exit technologies. These articles usually appear at the start of the new calendar year (after people got new electronics for the holidays and are ready to discard old electronics) or in the Spring around Earth Day or in the fall around America Recycles Day.

Here at Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling and Data Killers, we look forward to these articles as it helps bring awareness to these very important subjects. In the January 8, 2013 issue of Bloomberg’s Business Week, they addressed a whole section to these subjects.

We are providing some of our favorite excerpts and links to the Business Week web-site which contains multiple articles and podcasts about the subjects including “The Right Way to Destroy Sensitive Information” and “The Complex Business of Recycling E-waste” and “What To Do With Those Old PC’s” along with articles about the rise and practices of Sustainability officers.

Our favorite quotes about data destruction from these articles include: “Data destruction contractors make house calls to companies that are finicky about giving up control of their information. Using portable equipment, contractors can shred hard drives while the customer watches to verify the work” and “Shredding hard drives is perhaps the strongest of the tools.”

Our favorite quote about electronics recycling is: “Businesses looking for a recycler should check whether they are certified. The Environmental Protection Agency endorses two standards, e-Stewards and R2, both of which require periodic independent auditing of participating recyclers. In addition to verifying their environmental credentials, the programs require that they wipe or shred all hard drives processed at their facilities.”

As a national data destruction company which is R2 certified, we at Turtle Wings / Data Killers are delighted that Business Week recognizes the importance of our work and certifications.

Please click on the following links to see the full Business Week articles.