Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Media shredding in North Carolina and South Carolina

Media shredding in North Carolina and South Carolina

Data Killers trucks are regularly on the road in all parts of the country providing an assortment of our specialized data and product destruction services.  Recently, we coordinated our trucks to perform on-site media shredding in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The recent one day project in Charlotte, North Carolina consisted of shredding a variety of media for a branch of a large banking corporation.  As a major financial and banking capitol, Charlotte is home to some of the country’s largest financial institutions.  Data Killers’ technicians arrived on-site at our customer’s facility in Charlotte to shred a large quantity of hard drives, mobile phones, personal digital assistants, optical disks, diskettes and tapes.  In addition to shredding their media, we also scanned the serial numbers of the hard drives, mobile phones and PDA’s which provides our customer with complete asset management and inventory management.  In just one day, our technicians were able to scan and shred over 5,000 items.  At the follow-up to this project, our customer commented on the quick speed and resourcefulness of Data Killers’ technicians.  The customer assured us they would utilize Data Killers again because of the overall professionalism and quality data destruction.

On-site shredding for health care company

During the same time frame, another team of Data Killers’ technicians was deployed to South Carolina to shred for a repeat customer.  This week long project consisted of hard drive and tape shredding for several divisions of a major health care corporation.  In addition to expert data destruction, this project also involved our Turtle Wing’s electronics recycling division to recycle a variety of the customer’s end-of-life electronics.  Our knowledgeable sales support staff was able to effectively coordinate with all divisions of our customer’s company to develop a cohesive and functional schedule that accommodates the customer’s specific requests and timing needs.  Data Killers goes above and beyond to meet our customer’s scheduling needs and specialized destruction requirements.