Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Medical Office has Data Breached

Medical Office has Data Breached

Urological Associates was a successful company. They possessed a strong brand, performed great work, and held a worthy reputation in the community.

On a single day, everything changed.

By the time Urological Associates discovered the data breach it was too late. Patient information, medical records, personal identification, and other highly sensitive data were accessed. Urological Associates faced a devastating problem.

The High Stakes of Data Destruction

 Most security and IT professionals understand the importance of data destruction. Ninety percent of businesses that experience data breaches are forced to close down within 24 months. Half of all businesses that suffer from data loss file for bankruptcy immediately.

Breached data is more than a billion-dollar problem. It’s a total business killer.

Data Destruction — Total, Absolute, Complete and Permanent

 The critical nature of data security demands advanced destruction techniques. Today’s forensic experts and data recovery specialists are capable of recovering data that was formerly considered lost. It is dangerous to assume that your data is truly destroyed unless you possess proof to the contrary.

Quality data destruction experts like Data Killers conduct hard drive shredding onsite or offsite, depending on load quantity and preference. Clients are permitted to watch the procedure. Destruction is verified by independent third party certification. Data Killers provides destruction documentation, CCTV monitoring, advanced alarm systems, total property lockdowns and remote monitoring capabilities.  Clients are given a comprehensive Certificate of Destruction, offering conclusive evidence of data destruction in compliance with national security rules and regulations.

Once your data is gone, it’s gone for good. You have the proof.

When It’s Time to Call in the Pros

 Data destruction is often overlooked when assessing potential security problems among government offices, businesses, and other organizations. When facing an issue of this magnitude, you should consult with the most respected data destruction service in the United States — Data Killers.

Data Killers understands the data security landscape and stays far ahead of any possible data security concerns. This is why the military, government offices, and top-tier corporations trust us with their data. Few companies, if any, possess all the necessary tools, certifications, and resources to effectively properly eliminate super-sensitive data. Whether it’s disk degaussing, or the permanent destruction of smartphones, badges, or X-rays, Data Killers has the means, the skill, and the experience to provide total solutions and complete peace of mind.

Does your company have compromised data? Are you at risk for a data breach? Rather than wait and see — like Urological Associates — take the high road. Trust Data Killers, the nation’s most reputable data destruction service.

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