Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Nationwide Source for Classified Hard Drive Destruction

Data Killers is the nationwide source for classified hard drive destruction and data destruction. Our fully-equipped, autonomous destruction trucks can pull up to any location to destroy classified hard drives, back-up tapes, CD’s, memory drives and cell phones. With our nationwide headquarters in close proximity to the nation’s capital, we serve the area’s many government customers, military departments, defense contractors and variety of businesses that have classified hard drive destruction needs.

Recently, we completed an on-site destruction project in Virginia for a large defense contractor with classified hard drives. In this two day project, Data Killers degaussed then shredded approximately 3,000 classified hard drives. Our two-step process of hard drive degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for classified hard drive destruction while ensuring complete obliteration of all data. This new customer in Virginia enjoyed witnessing our entire destruction process at their location and is confident that their hard drive destruction by Data Killers meets all DSS (Defense Security Service) requirements and protocols.

Data Killers is consistently cleared and chosen for classified hard drive and media destruction. The following our a few key reasons why:

• Data Killers on-site, classified hard drive destruction service satisfies NSA hard drive destruction regulations.
• We utilize state-of-the-art, proprietary four-shaft shredders.
• Our NSA approved degaussers are annually re-certified.
• With trucks nationwide, our people and equipment can be on your site at any time.
• Our on-site hard drive degaussing and shredding service eliminates all chain of custody issues.
• Data Killers classified hard drive destruction service is DSS sanctioned.
• We can shred media down to 10 mm (other companies don’t offer this shred size)


At the follow-up to the on-site classified destruction project in Virginia, the customer commented on Data Killers accuracy, attention to detail, professionalism, hard work and thorough processes. As the nationwide source for classified hard drive destruction, Data Killers goal is to provide the best, compliant data destruction services for our customers to keep their technology secure.