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Obama Must Shed His Blackberry; Maryland-Based Data Killers Offers to Shred it For Free

–Data Killers will ensure disposal of President-elect’s PDA follows Federal regulations  for sensitive communications equipment–

“Since Barack Obama needs to get rid of his blackberry, Data Killers is offering to shred it up for free.   We can come right to the White House and shred it for him while he watches!  After we have shredded it, we will recycle the residual particles in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations in keeping with our no-landfill policy. His ‘green initiative’ can start with us.  We will assure that his privacy is protected and all his data is properly destroyed” offered Elizabeth Wilmot, President of Data Killers.

“As part of his inauguration ceremony, we can have our truck there and he can ceremoniously throw his blackberry through our shredder!” added Ms. Wilmot.  “It will help him sever his ties to civilian life by ‘severing’ his blackberry. Maybe he would even like to pay us which would help jump start our company’s economy.   We are shredder ready!”

Data Killers, a division of Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling, a woman-owned, hub-zoned company, holds the federal government contract for shredding hard drives and back-up tapes.   “Since we have held the GSA contract for shredding media for almost two years, our Certificates of Destruction have become nationally recognized,” said Zack Boorstein, Vice President.  “We are one of the few companies that truly understands the laws, rules and regulations governing media destruction from sensitive corporate information to classified government information.  We have the NSA-approved equipment for all types of media destruction including classified materials.  Maybe we can help President Bush with some projects too if he acts quickly and gets our government pricing!”

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