Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Data Destruction Service in California

On-site data destruction service in California

From coast to coast, Data Killers offers on-site data destruction services to businesses, both small and large, as well as government agencies.   Recently, the team at Data Killers made excellent strides in California by taking on two large projects back-to-back which both occurred on-time and on-budget.   Whether its media shredding, degaussing, or incineration Data Killers is certified and fully compliant with all government guidelines and regulations.  One of those customers was a leading global security company who opted to have a large amount of hard drives removed, scanned and shredded on-site in our Data Killers mobile hard drive destruction truck.  Data Killers offers on-site data destruction service in California and nationwide to businesses as well as government agencies.

On-site tape shredding in Los Angeles

As part of that trip, Data Killers also provided on-site tape shredding in our controlled, gated, secure and monitored truck.  Our customer, a pioneer in providing business and financial management solutions, is located in the Los Angeles area.   They had many thousands of tapes that needed to be shredded. They commented to our team that they were amazed at the “speed and expertise” of our certified technicians and our equipment.  At the de-brief following the project, the company said that they would highly recommend Data Killers and will definitely use Data Killers on-site tape shredding service again.  Data Killers offers a variety of tape shredding sizes ranging from 10mm to 40mm and even strip cut.  Whatever your needs and requirements may be, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Data Killers will go above and beyond to assure quality data destruction services.

On-site hard drive shredding in California

Many companies struggle with how to dispose of hard drives, but Data Killers has got this covered.    Our on-site hard drive shredding, is a safe and secure option where our team of trained destruction experts comes to your business or government agency and shreds your media in one of our proprietary, self-generated Data Killers truck using state-of-the-art hard drive shredders.  The Certificate of Destruction provided by Data Killers is nationally recognized.  In addition to on-site data destruction service in California and across the US, Data Killers provide a secure shipment option.